Stone Bridge Private Equity works with experienced joint venture operating partners to acquire income producing commercial real estate assets.  The Stone Bridge Private Equity investment platform offers investors and equity partners unique access to acquisition and operational expertise that generate superior risk-adjusted returns through experienced, time-tested real estate operators who are among the best in their niche market.  Stone Bridge Private Equity provides exclusive access to these privately held investment firms for investors who typically would otherwise be unable to invest on their own with private operators of this scale.

Stone Bridge Private Equity is absolute-return focused, and is committed to preserving capital as our primary investment discipline. Comprised of highly entrepreneurial and experienced real estate investment professionals, Stone Bridge Private Equity works to create and preserve wealth for our investors at all points during market and capital cycles.

We believe in long term successful relationships. A pipeline of deal flow is only achievable through breadth and depth of relationships, and experience in the institutional quality real estate investment marketplace. Stone Bridge Private Equity has created these strategic relationships and has the knowledge and experience to capitalize on these opportunities.


At the heart of our philosophy is an emphasis on building long-term relationships with both our investors and operating partners.  As a result we’ve established deep, meaningful relationships with our investors built on four core principles:

  • Integrity: We strive for consistency in our actions, values, methods, principles, expectations, and outcomes.
  • Trust: Trust is a privilege and a significant responsibility that we will never take for granted.
  • Innovation: New ideas, programs and solutions through unwavering commitment to improve what we do and how we do it daily.
  • Stewardship: Commitment to devote our time, energy and resources to always acting in the best interest of our investors. 
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